5 tips to find casual work in Sydney

October 14, 2021

Casual work in Sydney offers so many great benefits to people of all ages. Whether you are a student looking for a flexible job while studying or a busy mum trying to support your family, casual work in Sydney is a great solution to fit your needs. To help you out when applying for hospitality jobs, today we’re going to share with you five of our top tips to keep in mind when applying for casual work in Australia.


1. Consider a Wide Variety of Work

If you aren’t sure what you’d like to do when it comes to part-time jobs, the great news is that casual work in Sydney allows you to try out a wide variety of hospitality jobs. Instead of being stuck in the same job for weeks or months at a time, you’ll enjoy so much more variety. You’ll help to build up your experience, which will come in handy in the future when applying for hospitality jobs. Recruiters will be blown away by the number of skills you’ve gained by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and looking for casual jobs in Sydney.

No two days are ever the same when you take on casual jobs, which is one of the top reasons that people love working in the hospitality industry. You’ll meet so many new people and get to experience working in a variety of different venues. Regardless of what type of work you are hoping to do in the long term, the skills and experience you gain from casual work in Australia will set you up to work in any industry.

2. Be Flexible

For anyone who likes to plan ahead, you’ll want to try and keep your schedule open and be flexible to secure casual work. While some casual jobs are booked weeks or months in advance, you’ll find that a lot of the time, these are last-minute vacancies that need to be filled in a rush. One of the biggest complaints about casual work is that it is often difficult to get a consistent source of casual work for reliable income and tips. However, there are ways to overcome this to ensure you are earning the amount you require to support your lifestyle.

Try to be as open and flexible to taking on any Sydney jobs, and you’ll find that you can regularly fill up your diary with casual work. Even if you are used to working as a bartender, consider taking on a weekend of work in a café. You never know how much you’ll enjoy café jobs, and it might open you up to a whole new industry that you’d enjoy working in.

3. Learn to Network

One of the best things about casual work is that you never know who you’ll meet when you head to work that day. In hospitality jobs, you meet the most diverse collection of people, all of whom are usually very sociable and happy to meet other people. Take the time to talk to them on your breaks and during any downtime you may have, as you’ll never know what you might learn from their stories.

When you network with other people, you will likely hear about other part-time jobs in the area. Employees are often asked if they know other people in the local area that would be suitable for hospitality jobs, and if you win them over with your charming personality, they will be bound to put your name forward in the future. You can also try to return the favour when you are more established in the industry, and you can be sure other casual workers will appreciate your generosity.

4. Retain a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is one of the best attributes you can bring to casual hospitality jobs. No one wants to see a miserable bartender, so make sure that when you are applying for bartender jobs, your warm and friendly personality shines through. If you get the chance to apply via video, you’ll find it much easier to showcase your personality and enthusiasm, which are key for casual work.

There’s no denying that some days of casual work can be long and challenging, but your positive attitude will make it so much more enjoyable. Uplift your colleagues by keeping a bright and cheery demeanour all day long. Positive energy is infectious, and you’ll find that everyone has a much more pleasant day at work in a welcoming and optimistic environment.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get in Contact with Hiring Managers

Casual work isn’t just going to appear out of nowhere, so make sure you put effort into your job hunt. Here at Sample, our app makes it easier than ever to get in contact with hiring managers. You’ll be able to find out about last-minute shifts and secure a more consistent supply of casual work. This can give you more security, knowing that you will have enough funds to support yourself for the next few months.

With Sample, you can find and contact hiring managers directly. On top of that, consider joining casual work communities so that you can hear about gigs before anyone else. We aim to create a modern and faster way for individuals in the hospitality industry to apply for jobs while also creating an unstoppable community that you’ll love being part of. It will be your new favourite tool for applying for casual jobs, and you’ll feel much more confident about securing the work you need in the future.

Sample will make applying for casual jobs in Australia easier than ever before. Instead of spending hours online trawling through job application boards, you’ll have one easy to use app that you can directly apply for jobs from. Instead of having to worry about updating your resume with your newly gained work experience, you can use our handy video stories feature to apply for causal work. Make sure you sign up as soon as our app launches this September to be one of the first to experience this new way of applying for work for yourself.

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