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Opportunity starts with your professional network.

Join yours on Sample. Connect with the people who matter, stay up to date with what's happening in your industry, and find the right job for your skills.


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Sample is the professional network for those who keep the real world spinning.

Whether you work in hospitality, retail, logistics or beauty - Sample is your career HQ. Because let's be honest: LinkedIn and Facebook just don't cut it for what you do!
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Your professional network

  • Grow your professional network on the Sample app and connect with the people who matter.

  • Discover resources and opportunities through the people you trust.

  • Talk shop and learn new skills or give back by mentoring others.

Your industry insider

  • Get the inside scoop on employers, salaries, and jobs via the Sample app.

  • Stay informed about what's happening in the industry.

  • Get the support you need - no matter whether you're dealing with a tricky boss, negotiating a better salary or trying to break into a different role.

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Your professional identity

  • Ditch your old-school resume and grow your professional brand on the Sample app.

  • You are more than your job title! Showcase what you can really do.

  • Turn the tables and have employers reach out to you with exciting opportunities.

Join the future of work today. Get the Sample app.

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